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A storybook/coloring book combo! Great activity book for a rainy day.

A rainy day story we all grew up with...

This is the 1st book from this author. It introduces young boys & girls to a long-lived tradition. The concept is fun, the action lively & the message, heartwarming. 

Introduce your children to the entire series.


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  •  The author is on a roll. His 2nd & 3rd books are also superior (The Pollywog Prince, simply adorable, and magical; Silly Stew, silly fun, creative).  The stories are cute. The animals are fun. The ideas are sweet. Each will likely be read nightly. The illustrations are wonderful for small children. Clean, precise, bright. It's as if real little children live within these pages. Your kids will see themselves. A must-add to your children's library!

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