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Where it all began.

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Lance Edward Nevis a.k.a. Big Red Chicken

Lance Edward Nevis is a popular best-selling Southern Oregon author of delightful children’s books. He writes under the pen name of “Big Red Chicken™"... His children’s books are unique reads and combo coloring books. Lance is the Founder/Owner of Animal Rain Productions as he began writing and publishing children’s books as a way to spread joy, inspire people, give back, and support children with autism. He has published 6 books with vibrant colors, enticing stories, fun characters, and stories that rhyme.

Big Red shares, “I was born in Sacramento, California in 1964, and I have always dreamed about doing something to make a difference for the greater good. I have always had an artistic side of me whether it be playing music, singing,  dancing or writing I've always loved to make people smile. I envision that these books will help raise money and awareness for the fight against autism. My first book is titled “Animal Rain,” published in 2007, since then, I have founded and started my own publishing company called “Animal Rain Productions.” All my books are currently available online on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and right here on this website. I thank you all for all of the support that I receive. I truly do appreciate it"

The day the Big Red Chicken™" "hatched".


A few years back I was fishing in my current hometown in Southern Oregon when all of the sudsden a kid was running up and down the shore and he pointed at me saying "Look it's Big Red Chicken" His dad afraid that i would be offended says "Son you don’t know him well enough to call him that.” The boy then said, “No, Dad, that’s Big Red Chicken! Since then, it has stuck. So I researched what a Trademark was, hired an attorney and now own the trademark,

“Big Red Chicken™"


“I continue to believe in my dream that one day these stories will be in the hands of many and bring joy and smiles to both young and old!”

Lance writes and publishes all of his books to bring people together and instill and open children’s imaginations! A house painter by day, Lance Nevis has five kids, and when he’s not working, he enjoys fishing on the ‘Mighty Rogue River’, and still visits the same fishing hole that he would fish at as a kid on the Sacramento River. He loves spending time with his family. He Currently resides in Southern Oregon.


Very unique and enjoyable writing style. My daughters and I love these books. They are meaningful with important messages and they hold the kiddos attention everytime with the clever rhyming . That’s the best part!!!

Amazon Customer

5.0 out of 5 stars Enjoyable and meaningful!

Story time is such a special time, and this a really special book. Heartfelt and poetic, heartening and fun. Perfect to enjoy with the children in your life, I think especially for any child needing extra love and encouragement.

Rebecca Highlander

5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect for reading aloud!

"The Knight" is a fun, encouraging and meaningful book to read. An added extra is the coloring book section in the back.
I will be ordering more of Lance Nevis children's books.

Susan Duncan

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Children's Book

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